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Welcome to the Patent Revolution

Transforming Patent Search and Monetisation Strategies
with Advanced Language Models

How we Help

We assist corporations and inventors in maximizing patent revenue. Our AI Patent Navigator identifies opportunities and obstacles autonomously.

Why Change

Manually reviewing patents is an error-prone, slow, and costly process. AI swiftly and cost-effectively handles vast data, enabling confident commercial decisions.

How it Works

Self-learning Large Language Models analyze your inventions to detect overlapping concepts published by other corporations.

Who we Are

A collaborative team of IP professionals and developers establishing a direct link between patents and revenue from products, services and licensing standards.

–  6.8% increase from 2018-19

The Problem

Addressing the Challenge

The Patent Haystack

Despite the increasing volume of patents and new applications, patent searching remains a time-consuming and costly manual process. With over 14 million patents in force and 3.5 million new global applications in 2022 alone, current methods rely heavily on manual processes using keyword and semantic AI tools.

Advancements in machine and deep learning offer rapid and cost-effective IP data analysis. Yet, the sector still faces the challenge of efficiently searching, filtering, and cross-referencing extensive data for valuable insights.

The Patent Haystack

Establishing a link between features in inventions and existing patents, with the activities of relevant third parties, is a time-consuming, costly, and error-prone process.

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resistance to change

Patent databases are the world's largest repository of technological information. The patent information in these can be used to help provide context to the competitive landscape explaining how a competitor's activities relate to your own innovation. 

Today this analysis is still performed manually using expensive data platforms with technology designed to retain manual processes. Patent search tool providers focus on incremental enhancements, rather than automating search processes and providing commercial context.

Other sectors have embraced the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to change workflows and processes. The IP industry is still catching up.

Our solutioNS

Cintian's solution provides vital insights into the connection between proposed inventions, published patents, and licensing standards. It swiftly identifies risks and commercial opportunities that may have gone unnoticed or taken weeks to research, offering a reliable and cost-effective approach. By analyzing patent language, Cintian enables inventors, patent owners, attorneys, and R&D departments to make informed strategic decisions, mitigating costly pitfalls and maximizing the commercial value of innovation.  

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  • Discover Licensing Targets and Identify Infringement

  • Fast and Affordable Prior Art Searches

  • Portfolio Analysis to Identify Valuable Patents

  • Seamless  Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems

Who are we

Our Vision

Matthew Read


".. 'I’ve registered this amazing idea, but I’m not sure if it’s now being used by someone else' is often the reaction of inventors to their innovation.

The challenge is to determine whether their idea is already known and whether it has been published in the patent literature. This could constitute a commercial road block and make exploitation of the idea commercially problematic. But if the invention is novel, identifying parties that may be illegally exploiting the license a granted patent provides, is also difficult to establish.

High quality patent searching is crucial for answering these questions. Given the volume of data and the fact that keyword or semantic searching is the only way to navigate these databases, specialist searchers' are typically employed, which can prove time consuming and expensive. When cost or time are in short supply, risks are taken. As a patent attorney, it was always difficult to advise how much time a client should take to clear their invention, or to establish infringement.

Cintian solves this issue by learning the terminology of your technical field, to provide a more focused search outcome. By processing a written synopsis of the innovation provided by the inventor, time can be spent on more informed, creative and focused work, ensuring that IP protection is directed to the key features of the innovation. The time, effort and professional fees required to review search results as well as the subsequent activities are reduced." 

Thanasi Marinides


"I've had the opportunity to speak to large number of corporations, inventors and law firms, all striving to improve the way we live through innovation. They consistently push boundaries and have high demands of themselves and their partners. However, expectations of these providers to support innovation and support commercial growth continues to decline. AI techniques have been limited to incremental enhancements of existing manual processes, that do little to help corporations increase revenue and extract maximum value from their efforts.

That future is now. We have gathered some of the most talented data scientists and developers to develop a system that will make the manual searching and cross referencing of patent data a thing of the past. We can give instant guidance as to whether to proceed with the legal registration of an invention without the need to sift through hundreds of pages of text to establish correlation. We identify licensing parties that would benefit from the use of an inventors technology, as well as infringing parties that should be incurring licensing costs for exploiting an idea without the owner's consent.

We want to raise the bar for patent search and look forward to being challenged by clients to be as innovative as they are!"

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